Lukas Naugle

Founder & CEO

Lukas Naugle is the founder of Changegoat. He partners with investors and organizational leaders to design and execute marketing, digital, and organizational strategies for transformational growth. Through Changegoat he has delivered 3,000+ hours in executive advisory sessions, 16 brands, 10 websites, 2 publishing deals, 2 podcasts, 3 businesses, and 6 social good organizations. 

Additionally, Lukas has been privileged to hold executive leadership roles in a variety of business and social good organizations. Professional accomplishments include:

  • Redesigned and fostered a growing community of high-impact entrepreneurs yielding over $200m in co-investment activity in the first 3 years

  • Transformed a business unit into an internal strategic design agency with locations on four continents

  • Originated and led the ideation, strategy, and design for a 16,000 sf co-working business

  • Launched an enterprise innovation and product development lab

  • Pioneered digital media production and distribution, transforming an organization into a high-impact digital media organization

Lukas holds a BA in International Business from Whitworth University. Operating from Washington DC, he loves to bring a global and multi-sector perspective in order to get beyond the status quo.




Design Thinking vs. Rigid Thinking

Design thinking uses imagination, mental models, and systemic reasoning to expand and explore what could be in order to create real-world outcomes that benefit the customer. Design thinking is energized by an execution bias, rooted in continuous learning, and designed for humanity. It involves both analysis and imagination.


Dialogical vs. Dictatorial

We have never met a self-titled expert we liked. We know our craft, but the posture of the expert is defensive, fixed, and slows learning. Our posture is dialogical and driven by co-discovery and co-creation. Our goal is to never colonize your creativity or ostracize your teams. We learn and grow as we engage with you.



Cultivation vs. Pre-Fabrication

How many times has a consulting firm dropped off a pre-fab expert solution at your door only for it to sit there never to be integrated, owned, or implemented with lasting success? Organizations are social systems. This means we focus as much attention on developing the capabilities and capacity of your people as we do the technology, plan, and processes.


Provocation vs. Presentation

We have all experienced the proliferation of slide decks, infographics, and scripted talks. If you feel that one more PowerPoint will do the trick, we are not for you. We see the greatest opportunity to bring real impact by provoking you and your teams to imagine new ideas, processes, and solutions. We are safe, friendly, and fun, but we do poke.