Private Investment

We develop long-term relationships with atypical, purpose-driven investors supporting their full cycle vision for direct investments. When the cookie cutter will not work for you, we would love to connect.

Business & Venture

We partner with business leaders to create a brand, market, and culture strategy that wins. When the traditional approach doesn’t resonate with your unique point of view, let’s have a conversation.

Social Impact

We empathize with the pressures every social-impact executive is under as they lead in a complex stakeholder world. When the demands are overwhelming, we want to carry them with you.


Featured Work


Private Investment

Opportunity: An emerging Florida-based private investment firm was looking to launch with a powerful vision to be highly profitable while establishing a reputation for broad-based impact in their community.

Outcome: Through immersive exploration and lean project management we worked alongside the partners to develop and implement a brand strategy, content strategy, organizational development strategy, and technology road map.

Large Organization

Opportunity: An East Coast-based organization was struggling to develop and retain high capacity talent as well as keep up with the demands of the marketplace because of digital disruption.

Outcome: Over a three year period of time we transformed an existing business unit into an internal strategic design agency. This transformation included implementing new project management processes, retraining existing staff in design thinking and sprints, and creating an enterprise-wide product innovation lab.



“Lukas is not afraid to dig way below the surface and ask the tough question that no one would ever ask, but has been holding your company back for years. And the best part is that he does it in love because he cares enough to see you succeed at the next level.”