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a consultancy bringing fresh growth strategies and creative solutions to treat your status quo

Lukas Naugle is the Principal Adviser at changegoat. Drawing upon 15 years of experience in both business and charitable organizations, he provides strategic advisory services for entrepreneurial founders, executives, and boards in both the business and non-profit space. He received his degree in International Business from Whitworth University. As a native of Arizona, he loves to humanely kill and dispose of the status quo.


Leadership Advisory

  • Leading a brand driven organization with authenticity
  • Iterating new growth models

Brand/Content Strategy

  • Developing corporate and product identity
  • Publishing content through video, print, and web

Platform Strategy

  • Developing products, relationships, and systems for non linear scale and impact
  • Transforming traditional business models into vibrant marketplaces

Custom Event Design

  • Unconventional live experiences producing transformative moments for leaders
  • One-day to multi-day adventures and events that produce long lasting impact
  • agenda-art


we humanely kill and dispose of the status quo

why? we believe the status quo must be regularly and systematically treated for the good of human flourishing.

how? in partnership with you
we identify the systemic and situational challenges
we create a framework that will bring clarity
we execute a plan that will create a new strategystrategy