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a consultancy that empowers you to uncover fresh strategies and creative solutions to treat your status quo

Lukas Naugle is the Founder and Principal Adviser at Changegoat. Drawing upon more than 15 years of experience in both business and charitable organizations, he provides strategic advisory services entrepreneurial founders, executives, and boards in both the business and social impact space. He received his degree in International Business from Whitworth University. Based in the Washington DC area, he loves to bring a global and multi sector perspective to challenging the status quo.


Leadership & Strategy

Leaders face unprecedented pressure both personally and professionally. We help leaders gain the fresh insights and design the next steps for a truer, healthier, growing organization.

Brand & Experience

Technology mediates much of our relationships today, leaving an unparalleled opportunity to serve customers, clients, and our communities in fostering real connection. We help organizations understand who they are, want to be, and how to render that brand through digital and personal experiences.

Content & Marketing

Distributing communication is far easier in a digital world, and yet it’s far more difficult to be coherent, clear, and compelling. We help leaders and their organizations understand what they have to say, create systems and teams to produce it, and how to connect with their unique audience.


Dialogical vs. Dictatorial

We have never met a self-titled expert we liked. We know our craft, but the posture of the expert is arrogant, hubristic, fixed, and slows learning. Our posture is dialogical, interactive, and oriented around co-discovery and co-creation. Our goal is to never colonize your creativity or ostracize your teams. We seek to learn and grow as we engage with our clients, knowing that we must grow to meet you, your teams, and your customers where they are.

Design Thinking vs. Binary Thinking

Developed and refined by the Stanford Design School, the design thinking process utilizes abductive reasoning and divergent thinking in order to generate and uncover as many possible solutions at first, and then convergent thinking as a way to narrow these down to a final solution. Design thinking is energized by an execution bias, rooted in continuous learning, and designed for humanity.

Cultivation vs. Pre-Fabrication

How many times has a consulting firm dropped off a pre fab expert solution at your door only for it to sit there never to be integrated, owned, implemented with lasting success? Organizations are human systems. Our process is to grow the people and design the solution with you, your teams, and customers. This means we focus as much attention on cultivating your teams as much as crafting the technology, plan, or processes.

Provocation vs. Presentation

How many more slide decks, bullet points, Venn diagrams, matrices, do we need in the world? If you feel that a slide deck will do the trick, we are not for you. There is a place for thought leadership and slide decks, but we see the greatest opportunity to bring real impact by provoking you and your teams to imagine new ideas, processes, and solutions. We are safe, friendly, and fun, but we do poke.