“Providing simple solutions to complex problems.”

Lukas is uniquely gifted at providing simple solutions to complex problems. He’s very good at identifying the crux of an issue and providing a compelling insight. As a thought partner, he’s helped us identify, define, and develop new avenues for growth.

— Sam Lam, Manas Development Group

“he cares enough to see you succeed at the next level.”

Lukas is not afraid to dig way below the surface and ask the tough question that no one would ever ask, but has been holding your company back for years. And the best part is that he does it in love because he cares enough to see you succeed at the next level.

— John Ruhlin, Ruhlin Group | Giftology


“Lukas has helped me in more ways than I could imagine. As an NFL Linebacker, public speaker and humanitarian, I needed some direction. He helped me understand what my strengths really were; then he helped me develop them. I believe that any high-level leader would benefit tremendously from adding Lukas to their team.”

— Sam Acho, NFL Lineback | Speaker | Humanitarian


“His sartorial choices are unusually reliable.”

“If you want to stay comfortably bubble wrapped in your current reality, don’t let Lukas Naugle get ahold of you. He has the great capacity for asking hard questions, seeing beneath the surface to discover deeper realities and finding opportunities others miss. His sartorial choices are unusually reliable.”

— David Kinnaman, Author and President

“Different makes all the difference today.”

“Different makes all the difference today. A twist here. An innovation there. We’ve come to count on the different approaches and thinking of Changegoat. Every enterprise needs someone who is pressing the question: “What else?,” and then providing the strategy to get there. ”

— Erik Lokkesmoe, President


"Facing reality is never easy but always necessary. Lukas unearths the power of transparency and vulnerability in the leaders he works with. His superpower is the ability to transcribe all the uncomfortable situations that most teams face but never discuss. Lukas can be provocative in his process but like strenuous exercise, you always feel better after having done it."

— Will Weatherford, Weatherford Capital


“he has a way of showing up and making everything better.”

I’ve worked with Lukas on a number of projects over the years from branding, to web design, to book publishing and somehow he’s brought unique experience and expertise each time. He has an eye for excellence and a foresight for trends that’s made his partnership invaluable. Simply put: he has a way of showing up and making everything better.

— Trip Lee, Author and Artist

“He has an uncanny ability…”

For over a decade I have counted on Lukas Naugle to take my unformed ambitions and package them. He has an uncanny ability to sort through the bad ideas and get to the good.

— M.S., President


“Lukas is a change agent the same way uranium is. When absolutely necessary, thankfully, he incinerated bad strategy for everyone’s survival. The vast majority of the time, he provided limitless, clean, and controlled energy that powered initiatives until they succeeded.”

— Becker Polverini, PKC.io