Changegoat is passionate about improving your organization’s performance, culture, and ways of getting work done. Outstanding leaders drive business performance.

When leaders have clarity, they are able to execute with efficacy and confidence. It’s about the small, adaptive moves we can make today rather than the grandiose strategies that never get out of committee. Once there is clarity around the issues of structure, roles, and processes, we can go beyond to the transformative issues of people, practices, and culture. 

Clarity around how and where work is accomplished within an organization leads to higher employee engagement, effective problem solving, and the ability to make decisions quickly. 

Ultimately, it's about the organization developing new capabilities and reliable processes so that people at all levels can deliver wins. People and organizations thrive when everyone understands how work is done.


Beliefs about Leadership

1. Sustainable and effective leadership runs on the rails of personal development and growth.

2. Leading in complex environments and solving emerging problems is about making small, adaptive moves rather than crafting large, grandiose strategies.

3. Leading is fundamentally about communication.

4. Leadership is a contextual and situational phenomenon, not an enduring personal attribute. Leadership is contingent upon its followership.

5. All people come with talent, skills, and motivation. Leading in organizations is about creating contexts where people exercise their power together to achieve a captivating why.


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Gaining through Transition
Negotiating Complexity
Strengthening Your Perspective
Multiplying Your Impact

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