In today’s fast and dynamic global marketplace, brands and products, along with their value propositions and promises, are under threat. The work of brand development is not a thing, a workshop, a logo, or a report, but rather a continuous adaptive process of integrating the voice of the customer seamlessly and intelligently into the organization.

Changegoat is passionate about aligning your brand not only to your strategy, but also to your customer. When you have an outside-in perspective that centers around the customer, you are able to build internal capabilities and a differentiated customer experience that ensures you deliver the brand promise at every touchpoint. 

We partner with you, advising and executing, across the many strategic horizons that your brand, products, and services are competing in. We are with you in the adventure.


Beliefs about Brand + Market

1. Everyone loves and wants a great brand. We believe that sound business strategy is the first step towards a compelling brand.

2. The brand is in the belly of the person. When a whole bunch of people have the same gut feeling about you, then you have a brand. It’s not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.

3. Marketing is about solving other people’s problems.

4. Your brand is a platform for mobilizing action, not a marketing afterthought.

5. Beyond content, product, and the corporate brand, designing your market category is critical for achieving business and product success.




Brand + Market Strategy

Positioning & Architecture
Manifesto & Tone of Voice
Communications Strategy
Category Strategy

Brand Design

Logos & Identity
Visual Systems
Illustration & Lettering
Brand Books & Guidelines

Content Design

Pitch Decks
Videography & Editing
Motion Design