Case Studies



Opportunity: An emerging Florida-based private investment firm was looking to launch with a powerful vision to be highly profitable while establishing a reputation for broad-based impact in their community.

Outcome: Through immersive exploration and lean project management we worked alongside the partners to develop and implement a brand strategy, content strategy, organizational development strategy, and technology road map.



Opportunity: A Texas-based professional speaking company had maxed out its current organizational capacity and yet was looking to take advantage of new related business opportunities.

Outcome: Through a rapid discovery phase we implemented a new project management system, improved the existing speaking content, and created space for the founder to develop a decision framework for processing new opportunities.


Large Organization

Opportunity: An East Coast-based organization was struggling to develop and retain high capacity talent as well as keep up with the demands of the marketplace because of digital disruption.

Outcome: Over a three year period of time we transformed an existing business unit into an internal strategic design agency. This transformation included implementing new project management processes, retraining existing staff in design thinking and sprints, and creating an enterprise-wide product innovation lab.



Opportunity: An Arizona-based technology firm was looking to pivot to a new market and service offering which required a new brand.

Outcome: Through an intensive remote process we developed a new brand concept, name, values, mission, and customer profile by working closely with the founder. We continued through the design phase to guide the founder to an end result that exceeded expectations.



Opportunity: A US-based international NGO was looking to transform their marketing, communications, customer experience, and brand for the modern digital era.

Outcome: Recruited a new digital team and launched new company website, brand, inbound content strategy, and social strategy with analytics platform that produced 109% YoY in new user growth and 80% increase in users. In addition, we conducted professional training and management coaching in to order to retrain teams in modern marketing and digital methodologies.



Opportunity: A professional athlete was looking to maintain success on the field, grow in his reputation as a thought leader and humanitarian, all while avoiding the traps of fame and short-term success.

Outcome: Assembling a team around him, we were able to launch a website, brand, content strategy, produce videos, media engagements, and provide public relations support.