Changegoat believes in the capability of your organization to persistently achieve your goals. You and your team have the ability to grow, learn, adapt, and make bold moves no matter the market.

By introducing effective methodologies such as human-centered design, deep user empathy, ideation and innovation sprint, and ethnographic thinking we help build teams that can respond and adapt to market opportunities. Developing new ways of thinking such as the rookie mindset, founder’s mentality, and growth mindset help galvanize your team. 

When your organization adopts ongoing, customer-led product development to reimagine your offerings, customers will be delighted. Innovation is at the core of setting your organization apart from the existing market.


Beliefs about Growth

1. Growth is not optional. All living things grow or they die.

2. Growth is possible when people are willing to risk non-consensus and divergent ideas.

3. Long term success is rooted in a growth culture. Culture is an alchemy of art and science, process and serendipity, vision and relationships.

4. Growth requires innovation. Innovation comes in various flavors: research, breakthrough, sustaining, and disruptive. (HT: Greg Satell)

5. An organization whose culture is stuck, discouraged, rigid, or resistant cannot grow, no matter the strategy.





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Culture of Growth
Teaming for Innovation
Creating an Innovation Engine