Branding: Make Love Not War

Branding is a form of attraction—not conquest warfare. Your customer has 1,440 minutes a day to live out what is most important to them. And people want things that make their lives the way they wish they were. Does your branding communicate an interruption or enhancement of that wish? Your organization is putting out a vibe, but does it resonate with your customers’ lives? If not, then no one will embed what you have to offer in the dreams that drive their decisions.

Tomorrow’s Opportunity Is Eclipsed by Today’s Success

Successful strategies terminate when the conditions that created them change. The marketplace is dynamic and volatile. Who is planning and designing for the next thing? Success is temporary and it obscures opportunity. Don’t fall in love with your current strategies. They cannot carry your organization forever. Hidden assets—unrecognized platforms, customer assets, and capabilities—rejuvenate the core of a business and allow it to expand with those changing conditions. Does the smokescreen of your historical success camouflage the assets for tomorrow’s growth at your fingertips?