Keep it real. Seriously… kind of.

The cool kid does not talk about—or try to be—cool. Authenticity is essence preceding action… and advertising. Your customer wants to be authentic by purchasing in accord with his or her self-image. Here is the paradox: human production is ontologically inauthentic, but it is phenomenologically real. Embrace the inauthenticity of production so you can render it in an authentic way. Too esoteric? If you are Disney, celebrate the fantasy. If you are Tiger Woods after an affair, own the remorse. If you are Deloitte, be real about being really sharp. Then the customers can take what you offer and make it authentic to themselves. Do you know who you are? Or more importantly, do they know who you are?

One Institute

Identity by Product Design

Design choreographs the public’s experience with your company. Apple products make people want them to stay in business. Motorola products… well… don’t. Design is your strongest marketing campaign and most immutable brand. Design is a living process, an organic “customer experience supply chain,” that makes you matter to the purchaser. Every product is a window into who you are, and design dramatizes the core values of your company. If design is what you are saying, then customer experience is what people are hearing. So speak clearly.